Unless people have the skills to use a new tool or approach they are unlikely to use it.

LESRISK sees training as a powerful change intervention and a tool for implementation of integrated risk management and improved corporate governance. We develop customized training programs for boards of directors, senior management and staff.

For a Board of Directors this might mean learning to read a risk management report and to ask appropriate questions. For staff, training might enable risk identification and measurement. For senior managers we customize case studies that focus on risks specific to their organization and the decision-making skills they need to effectively manage risks.

LESRISK's Recent Training Mandates  

For the Ontario government's Centre for Leadership, LESRISK developed and delivered a series of one-day programs for senior managers on integrated risk management.

For the Boards of several large financial institutions, LESRISK developed and delivered customized asset/liability management and risk management training programs. These one-day workshops for banks, large credit unions, central credit unions and financial crown corporations reduced board liabilities and enhanced board-management relations by improving board comfort and knowledge of their treasury and risk management oversight roles.

To facilitate the implementation of integrated risk management across complex provincial government operations, LESRISK developed a series of risk management courses, for 60,000 staff and trainers including the preparation of customized cases.

For the asset and liability committees (ALCO) of several financial institutions, LESRISK developed and delivered training workshops in asset and liability management and integrated risk management. These programs facilitated communication among management silos and enhanced the decision-making capabilities of the committees.

For the Office of the Provincial Controller of Ontario, LESRISK developed the interactive e-learning module Orientation to Modern Controllership.

For several government ministries, LESRISK developed risk management customized cases for developing risk management and decision-making capabilities of senior managers.

For the MBA program of a University, LESRISK regularly coaches and trains to build high performance work-teams.