In an ideal world...
risk management would be free of confusion and complexity, team-players would achieve desired results innovatively in the best interests of the customer, and corporate objectives would be at the root of planning and performance measurement.

LESRISK®, Debt and Risk Management Inc. is a management consulting practice. Since our founding in 1995, we have coached senior executives to unleash the strategic benefits of implementing integrated risk management.
Our expertise is the combined application of both risk management and organizational development tools and methodologies. We believe that the full benefit of risk management cannot be realized unless people use the process, tools and methodologies. For our clients, measurable results depend not only on the identification of opportunities and threats, but also on the alignment of management processes with corporate objectives.

LESRISK is led by Leslie Thompson MBA, MFA, FCSI, a risk manager and consultant with 15+ years experience as a senior executive with both financial institutions and government.

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Toronto, Canada, M4V 2J6

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